From My Mother's Notes

 Phyllis Fricker's Memory Book


My Mother's Paternal Grandmother

 Mary Faulkner- Cameo
      flour sugar bin  

Grandma's Kitchen Cabinet
  There was a summer kitchen at the side of the house which was used in warmer weather. There was an old iron range on which grandma heated the old irons which had detachable handles. She would iron with one until it lost its heat - when she would replace it on the stove - detach the iron and fasten it onto a hot iron from the stove and continue with her ironing.

There was a large square table covered with a brightly patterned oil-cloth. Main attraction was the huge kitchen cabinet with many doors and drawers, flour bin and sugar bin. There was a bright linoleum on the floor and many windows, so that the room was bright and cheery. Water was supplied by a pump in the summer kitchen and in the main kitchen. It was lovely, soft well water in which you could really work up a lather and which had a good, pure taste.

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