From My Mother's Notes

 Phyllis Fricker's Memory Book


My Mother's Paternal Grandmother

   Mary Faulkner- Cameo

  In the bedrooms there were huge wooden beds with high headboards, embellished with ornate designs. The bed had no mattress but had wooden slats and a feather tick filled with goose feathers. The tick would have to be fluffed up each morning in order to retain its softness. There were always pillow shames put on top of the pillows. These were sort of slim, wooden frameworks on which were fastened white linen cloth which had been embroidered with floral designs as well as some terse wording - such as "God Is Love", "Loving Is Giving", or "Sleep Well", etc. - an imposing display which spoke well of your artistic ability with the needle.

There was also a commode with a rack at the top for towels - a huge wash bowl and a large pitcher for water. There was a door in the bottom which accommodated the inevitable chamber pot.

There were hooks on the back of the wardrobe door for clothing. Grandma's wardrobe was never extensive. She had one good dress for church and social occasions, one hat and three or four house dresses.

There was a wooden dresser with drawers and a large, tilting mirror on top. There were three bedrooms in the house. There was a front parlour which was practically never used. I remembers that there was a huge, glass case hanging on the wall; a reed organ in the corner; and an upholstered love seat.

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