Aunt Hilda   (my father's half sister)


Aunt Hilda was the youngest daughter of Mary and Frank Faulkner. She came up to St. Thomas from Port Dover to work in the knitting mill in St. Thomas. There she met Bill Machan, a barber, and a widower with four sons. She worked hard for that family. I can remember her beating up cakes, washing and ironing dozens of shirts. She was a wonderful Mother to these boys and never had a child of her own. Bill was a wishy-washy sort of individual with a limp handshake. He eventually died.  

Hilda remarried Fred Wise, who was also a widower with a family. After the marriage, three of Bill's sons would have nothing to do with her. One of them, Larry Machan, is still friendly to her. It was ironic that she was such a good Mother to them when they were growing up and that they turned their back on her when she got married again. Fred's family were so good to her, but, unfortunately poor Fred had a stroke after they had been married about three years and was paralyzed and in the Hospital for about seven years. Hilda went to visit him every day and fed him his meals. Fred was unable to speak to her, but he knew and recognized her footsteps in the hall and they seemed to be able to communicate in some miraculous way.

She was so kind and faithful to him in spite of his sore condition. At last he passed away, and now Hilda lives in a dear little house in St. Thomas she is 80 years old and in good health. She enjoys the visits of Fred's children and grandchildren. Hilda is a super person of mild, even temperament in spite of all the trials and tribulations she has had to endure.



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