From My Mother's Notes

 Phyllis Fricker's Memory Book


Mary Faulkner
with myself (Sonia Fricker Brock)

My Mother's Paternal Grandmother - MARY FAULKNER

My grandmother Faulkner was a twin. She married my first Grandfather, Captain Brock. He was Captain of a three masted sailing vessel at Port Dover. He was robbed of his money on pay night and was thrown overboard and drowned. Like many sailors in his day he could not swim.

Grandmother had three children by him: Bill, Clara, & Percy (my father). She eventually married again to Frank Faulkner. She had one child by him - Hilda. Mary and Frank Faulkner lived in Port Dover in a little stucco cottage. They had about an acre of land with a couple of barns and a large chicken yard - fenced in. They had two horses, a Jersey cow, lots of chickens and geese and a few ducks. They had a strawberry patch, a raspberry patch, and a very large garden.

I can see Grandma now on their large front Veranda - sitting in an old rocking chair with a large two-quart jar full of milk and cream. She would rock and shake and rock and shake and eventually the result was buttermilk and butter. The buttermilk was the best I have ever tasted. Then she would put the liquid into a big wooden bowl and use a butter sieve to draw out the pieces of butter.

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