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Hugh Laurie.Let Them Talk.A Celebration of New Orleans Blues

How to capture online videos at YouTube

Nicktendo's excellent Instructional video

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"You can do a search and download early cylinder music songs as mp3 files

"The UCSB site is astonishing: an expertly designed, easily searchable trove of beautiful, weird, wonderful records, many of them extremely rare."

Folk Roots/Folk Branches on CKUT in Montreal Thursdays 9:30-11:00

I See A Star - Quartete's 2nd Christmas CD
I See a Star  CD Cover
8.  Snowflakes from Heaven
9.  Send Someone for Me
10. A Christmas Waltz
11. O Holy Night
12. The Perfect Christmas Tree
13. Sans Day Carol
14. All Through the Night
Mail Order from the website accepted now!
($25 U.S or $25 Canadian,
includes shipping and tax)
Xmas Bar