Timothy Kitten's Christmas - a Puppet Play

Also known as

Santa Claus and the Quack of Doom

(c) Sonia Brock December 1996

A nosy neighbour (Mrs. Humming Beak) insists on telling Santa all the bad things Timothy Kitten has done.  A wise soothsayer with a crystal ball, Nostradamus Duck, (who is a Quack, the Christmas Quacker, some call him the Quack of Doom) sees all the good things Timothy Kitten had done. In the end Ms. Humming Beak is confounded and Timothy Kitten goes on Santa's list of good boy kittens with the prospect of many presents.

On the night it was performed the children were caught up in the mechanics of puppetry and started producing their own show.

The adults were taken with the morality play and booed and cheered with gusto.

Timothy Kitten's Christmas hand puppets
 Timothy  A naughty kitten
 Mrs. Humming Beak  The nosy neighbour
 Nostradamus Quack  Soothsayer and clairvoyant
 Santa Claus  himself


It is the night before Christmas and Santa Claus it trying to find out who was naughty and nice in Timothy Kitten's neighbourhood.

Santa Claus:                     Well, here we are and it's the night before Christmas. I am working on my naughty
                                          and nice list and someone 'told' me to pay special attention to Timothy Kitten.

Timothy Kitten:               I've been a really good kitten. Honest I have. I'm the best kitten that ever was
                                          and I should get lots of presents.

Mrs. Humming Beak:     That's not true, Santa.

Santa:                               How do YOU know?

Mrs. Humming Beak:      I live right next door and I saw EVERYTHING!

(Timothy covers his ears)

Santa:                                What did you see, Mrs. Humming Beak?

Mrs. Humming Beak:       I saw Timothy Kitten playing in the traffic. A car almost hit him.

Santa:                                  Is this true, Timothy?

Timothy Kitten:                 My ball ran out in the street. It was my favourite ball. I had to get it!
                                            When the car came I got really scared and the car horn was really
                                            loud. I will never run out in the street again. I promise.

(Timothy cries a bit)

Mrs. Humming Beak:        See! I told you so. I saw it I did. I stuck my beak out the window and saw everything!

(Enter Nostradamus Duck)

Nostradamus Duck:             *I* am Nostradamus Duck! I am a Quack. Some call me the Quack of Doom!
                                                I was looking in my invisible crystal ball one day while Timothy was at school.
                                                A small duckling had forgotten her lunch and Timothy Kitten shared his lunch
                                                with her. He is a good kitten.

(Timothy looks up and nods his head vigorously.  Mrs. Humming Beak sticks her beak in the air scornfully)

Mrs. Humming Beak:         *I* was taking a little walk to the store and *I* saw Timothy Kitten put some candy
                                               in his pocket that he hadn't paid for.  He is a very naughty kitten.

(Timothy holds his paws over ears again)

Timothy Kitten:             Mew, mew, mew. I was really sorry. I really was. I felt so bad.

Nostradamus Duck:      Hmmm. Let me use my invisible crystal ball. Hmmm. I see Timothy Kitten going back
                                        into the store in a few days. He is putting his hand in his pocket. He has brought out
                                        25 cents. It is his allowance. The store man turns his back. Timothy puts it on the
                                        counter where the store man will find it and it and runs out of the store.

Santa:                               That was a very good deed. It seems to me that Timothy might not be such a bad kitten
                                          after all.

(Timothy Kitten starts to dance around in a very happy way)

Mrs. Humming Beak:      Oh pshaw, pshaw! He is a thief and a liar. I saw everything!

Santa:                                 If you didn't see him put his allowance on the counter in the store then you did *not*
                                           see everything, Mrs. Beak.

(Mrs. Humming Beak sticks her beak out in all directions. She is quite angry)

Mrs. Humming Beak:     The last thing I saw is the worst thing. I saw Timothy Kitten playing with matches.
                                          He very nearly set the garage on fire!

Timothy Kitten:                Oh no! Oh mew, mew, mew. I burnt my finger too when I was putting the fire out.
                                           I cried a lot and I threw those matches in the garbage. I have learned my lesson and
                                           will never play with matches again. I promise. I am trying to be a good kitten!
                                           Sometimes it's hard to be good.

Nostradamus Duck:         My Crystal ball in very cloudy (he pretends to rub it) I can hardly see anything.
                                           Wait, wait. It is all becoming clear now. I can see Timothy Kitten.
                                           He has seen a bad man. The bad man is trying to get into Mrs. Humming Beak's house.
                                           He is a real burglar. Timothy is scared.  Timothy does not know what to do.

(Timothy puts his hands to his mouth as he remembersMrs. Humming Beaks puts her beak very close to the crystal ball )
  The bad burglar is beginning to break the back door lock. Timothy runs to the phone

(Timothy nods vigorously)

                                 He has learned his numbers. He is dialling 9-1-1!
                                            He tells the police person who answers about the bad robber man but he is too scared
                                            to tell them who he is. Soon afterwards the police catch the bad robber man and take
                                            him away.

Mrs. Humming Beak:        Oh my, oh my. I was wrong. He is a good kitten

Nostradamus Duck:            *I* knew it ALL the time!!

Santa:                                  I think you deserve a lump of coal for your Christmas present, Mrs. Humming Beak.
                                            Serves you right for always sticking your beak into the wrong places.
                                            Let this be a lesson to you!!

Timothy Kitten:                 Am I going to get a lump of coal, Santa?
(Timothy says sadly)

Santa:                                  You, Timothy, are going to have the best Christmas ever because you are a very good kitten.
                                            You may very well be the *best* kitten! You learned from your mistakes, you helped people
                                            and paid your debts and you even helped Mrs. Humming Beak.
                                            Merry Christmas to you, Timothy. Do you promise not to peek when I bring all your presents
                                            on Christmas eve?

Timothy Kitten:                     I promise, Santa. I promise. I promise. I promise.


(He dances around happily and gives Santa and Nostradamus Duck big hugs and
even Mrs. Humming Beakgets a little hug)

(All join in singing "I Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year)