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My name is Sonia Brock. I live in Toronto, Ontario and I make cloth dolls, sometimes called 'cloth art dolls'
since they are not toys and are meant for adults.

I have dolls peeping out from every flat surface around my apartment.

Since I am a web designer, I am able to share my love of dolls with other doll collectors and makers through this web site.

For many years I made simple, loveable cloth dolls with nice dresses for my nieces, but now I make dolls mostly for me and for those who collect my dolls.

Knitting pin doll
I knit therefore I am

Sonia Brock with Dolls


The Hollihock Ladies

Hollyhock ladies

The first dolls I made were from the flowers of old-fashioned hollihocks. If I turned them carefully inside out the little white, oval head shape of the stamens would pop to the top where it became the head of the hollihock lady and the petals below became her beautiful ballgown. Toothpicks were her arms.

What better way to spend a summer's afternoon than amongst the bees and the blossoms making beautiful hollihock dolls.