Timothy & Tabitha's Christmas

 (A Puppet Play)

Kitten Circle

Timothy A naughty kitten
Mrs. Humming Beak The nosy neighbour
Tabitha Kitten, a new Neighbour
Santa Claus himself
The Christmas Alien an unlikely elf

Timothy Kitten is looking out the window (stage left) watching the new neighbours move in.
His friend, Zog, from the planet Zip, is with him.)

Timothy Kitten:    Look, Zog. The new neighbours are moving in. Lots of furniture and boxes.
                             I see one bed. I see two beds. I see three beds - one of them is as
                             small as mine. I wonder if a new boy is moving in I could be friends with him.
                             That little bed could be his!

Zog:                      Honk!

Timothy Kitten:     I wonder if Santa will remember to put the new boy on his list? It's almost Christmas
                              and Santa might forget.

Zog:                      Honk, honk.

Timothy:               You're going to tell Santa on you space phone? That's really good.

<Zog does a bit of business with a mysterious object when he finishes honking into it he turns to Timothy Kitten>

Zog:                      Honk, honk, honk. Honk honk.

Timothy:               Santa knows and it's a girl! OH NO!

<Tabatha Kitten knocks on Timothy's door <sound effect here>

Timothy:               Someone is knocking. Could it be our new neighbours?
                              I'll go to the door and see.

Timothy goes offstage. Zog goes with him but Timothy Kitten returns not with Zog but with Tabitha Kitten.
Timothy is not happy. He has his head down and is walking slowly

Timothy Kitten:    

Darn, darn, darn.

Tabitha Kitten:     My name is Tabitha. We're moving in next door.
                               Who was that funny man who came to the door with you?

Timothy                  <sulkily> Zog.

Tabitha:                  What a funny name! Where does Zog come from?

Timothy:                  Zip.

Tabitha:                  I didn't learn that place in school. Where is it?

Timothy points up to the sky

Tabitha:                 I don't understand.

Timothy:                He's an alien. He comes from space, from the planet Zip. He helps Santa.

Tabitha:                 Elves are space aliens? I don't believe it.

Timothy sighs and says nothing. Enter Mrs. Humming Beak.
Mrs. HB:                  Hello, Timothy. Did you know that you have some new neighbours
<she spots Tabitha>
Oh my goodness. Here's one of them now. What is your name, dear?

Tabitha:                    My name is Tabitha Kitten. I am in Grade 3 and I can spell

Mrs.HB:                   Can you spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-A-U-G-A, Timothy?

Timothy:                   No, but I can spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. It's just as hard.

Mrs. HB:                  Well, I never. You two should get along really well.

Timothy:                  She's a GIRL!

Tabitha:                  Well, you're a BOY and it doesn't bother me.

Mrs. HB:                 I must run, still have some Christmas presents to buy. Have fun you two.                             

<she leaves>
Timothy and Tabitha stand staring at each other. Enter Santa.

Santa:                  Hello, Timothy. How's my favourite Christmas kitten? Got a new friend, I see.

Timothy:               She's a GIRL!

Santa:                  Oh my, don't want to play with girls I see. Lets see now.
                             Tabitha, what kind of games do you play?

Tabitha:               Snakes and Ladders, and bicycle race and Kings and Queens.

Timothy turns and looks at her when she says bicycle racing.

Timothy:             My bike is faster than yours.

Tabitha:              My bike isn't unpacked yet but when it is we can have a race.

Timothy:             We could do that. I know what Snakes and Ladders is but what's Kings and Queens.

Tabitha:              I am the Queen of one country and you are the King of another country
                           and we have a Tournament to see who has the best country.

Timothy:              What's a tournament?

Timothy is getting interested in spite of himself

Tabitha:              A tournment is a contest with different things happening.
                           One could be a bike race, then another could be who could jump furthest
                            and a third could be how to spell a long word.

Timothy:              I would like that. My country would win.

Tabitha:              We'll see about that!!

Santa:            <puts an arm around each kitten>
 I can see my work here is done.
                        I just came to pick up Zog, the Christmas alien.
                        His matter transmitter was a big help with the toys last year.
<Enter Zog>

Zog:               HONK, Honk, HONK

Timothy:         He said, "Let's go! I'm ready! Toys, toys, toys!"

Tabitha:         Did he really say that?

<Timothy nods his head vigorously>

Timothy:         Yes, and he also said, "Merry Christmas to both of us"

Santa:             Merry Christmas to ALL. Ho, ho, ho!!

<A little Christmas music here.>


Copyright Sonia Brock December 1998