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Santa Claus Meets the Christmas Alien

(A Puppet Play)

© Sonia Brock December 1997

(Mrs. Humming Beak), a nosy neighbour, a wise soothsayer with a crystal ball (Nostradamus Duck,
the Christmas Quacker), Santa (of course) and a mysterious visitor, the Christmas Alien, with the help of
Timothy Kitten see that all the toys are delivered this Christmas.

Timothy A naughty kitten
Mrs. Humming Beak The nosy neighbour
Nostradamus Quack Soothsayer and clairvoyant
Santa Claus himself
The Christmas Alien an unlikely elf

It is the night before Christmas and Santa Claus it trying to find an extra helper
since one of his elves has caught the flu.

Santa:    Oh, I’m busy, busy, busy. I’m so busy. Whatever shall I do? I really need another helper.
                I think I’ll call on my friend Timothy Kitten. He is brave and clever, perhaps he can think
                of some way to help me.

(Santa runs offstage and comes back with Timothy Kitten)
(Mrs. Hummingbeak can be seen peeking around the edge of the stage.
She want to know what is going on.)

Santa:     Timothy Kitten, can you help me. I need another helper but he must be very brave and strong.
                I have a long winter’s night of delivering presents ahead of me.

Timothy: I might be able to go but I’d have to ask my mother.

Santa:     I know you are brave but I fear you would not be quite strong enough for the job.
                  I need someone quite small. There’s not a lot of room in the sleigh, you know,
                 and he must be very strong.

Mrs. Hummingbeak:     I just couldn’t keep my beak out of this interesting conversation. Santa,
                                        do you mean a midget who lifts weights?

Santa:                Good evening, Mrs. Hummingbeak. You’re still keeping an eye on the                                           
                            neighbourhood, I see.

(Mrs. Hummingbeak hides her head under her wings for a moment)

Mrs. Hummingbeak:     I’m a very curious bird. It’s my nature.

(Nostradamus Duck waddles on stage)

N. Duck:     Indeed, it is. Her nature is in her stars.

(He holds up a silvery tinsel Christmas star)

The stars will be twinkly as I drive my sleigh but I won’t have time to see them.
                     I’ll be too busy!

T. Kitten: (shyly and speaking very softly)
                    I have a new friend. My mother says he’s imaginary which means he isn’t real
                    but he is, he is real.  I can see him.

Santa:         I would like to meet your new friend, Timothy. Is he small and strong?

T. Kitten:     He’s not too big but I don’t know how strong he is.

(Timothy goes offstage and comes back with the Christmas Alien
just after Mrs. Hummingbeak exits see below:)

Mrs. Hummingbeak:     Oh, my beak and feathers! It’s a monster! HELP! HELP!

(She faints and exits. The alien hangs his head in embarrassment.
Nostradamus Duck returns to the stage)

T. Kitten:    
This is my friend, Zongo from the planet, Zip. Say hello to Santa, Zongo.

Zongo:         Honk, honk. Honk, honk, honk.

T. Kitten:    He says, hello and he’s glad to meet you.

Zongo:         Honk!

N. Duck:      What star are you from Zongo?

(Zongo points upward)

Honk, honk!

N. Duck:     I see. I don’t have that one in my book of significant stars excuse me while I go and
                    correct my records.

(He exits.  Mrs. Hummingbeak returns. She is too curious to stay away)

Mrs. Hummingbeak:    
Ah, I’ve never met a real alien before. You’re not going to invade the earth
                                        and take us all prisoner are you?


T. Kitten:     He said, ‘No’.

Santa:         Mr. Zongo you are pretty small. Are you strong?

Zongo:         Honk, honk!

(He lifts Santa as he speaks)

Mrs. Hummingbeak:     He’s going to kidnap Santa. It’s a alien abduction. Help! Help!

Zongo:          Honk, honk, honk, honk, honk, honk!

T. Kitten:     He says Mrs. Hummingbeak should stop watching the X-Files.

Mrs. Hummingbeak:     Well, I never....... I’ve been insulted by a little green alien from the planet, Zip

(She exits.  Nostradamus Duck returns)

N. Duck:     A new star for my book. Thank you, Zongo.

Santa:         Would you like to work for me, Zongo? I pay in the very best lollipops and you would be helping to make a lot of earth children very, very happy.

Zongo: (Gives several meaningful honks)

T. Kitten:     He’s asking if Santa can visit the planet Zip as too?

Santa:     I’m sorry but my ship is not rocket propelled and it is quite far away from the looks of things
                it would take me a year to get there.

Zongo:     (Gives several more meaningful honks)

T. Kitten: He wants to know if you would like to have a matter transmitter?

N. Duck:     Just like Star Trek. How exciting. Please say yes, Santa! Looking into my crystal ball
                    I can see you delivering all your presents to Earth and the planet, Zip in record time and
                    the reindeer are happy too because their hooves aren’t going to be nearly as sore.

Santa:         Well, I don’t know. Sounds like a new-fangled invention to me. What if it breaks down and
                    I get stuck on the planet, Zip?

Zongo:         (Many meaningful honks)

T. Kitten:     He says the ‘failure rate’ is one millionth of one percent.
                     I think that means it’s really, really safe.

Santa:         My goodness. I think I’ll try it. I could deliver lots more presents in a lot less time.
                    What a very merry Christmas it is going to be.

                    Merry Christmas and Ho, Ho, Ho, Zongo! Away..........


(The hand puppets dance about the stage in glee as the curtain closes)