Tara the cat
In Memory of Tara, the Cat
What a particular miracle is a cat,
Wrapped in parti-colour,
Softer than milkweed down and warm,
Resonant with purring hallelujahs.

What a moving miracle is a cat,
Claw-pawed or kneading softly,
Kitten, shadow wrestling, or ice-eyed hunter,
Walking the fence between the wood and the tended corn.

What a sleeping miracle is a cat,
Belly up, paws half staff,
Eyes serenely closed
Breathing careless breaths - but step near and in a flickering,
Alert in readiness to fight, to flee.

What a loving miracle is a cat,
Leaning towards affection,
As to a source of sustenance,
Dearer than milk,
As if lacking it were death
And drawing out in response
A human love forgetting gulf of species
Head to head the minds respond
Each to its nature and together.

(c) Sonia Brock 1987

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