William Fricker    (my father)



My father came over from England while he was still in knee pants but little is known about the family connections since he was adopted

He found out who his father's family was and visited the old grandad when he was over there for WWI. He was in a part of the army (Channel Patrol?) that later turned into the RAF.

All of the other young men of his father's family were killed in the war and he'd have come into some money if he hadn't been such a wild lad, since he was the sole survivor.

My father, William Fricker, served in both wars. He enlisted in the British army at 15 or 16 with a letter of permission and the unit he was in grew into the R.A.F.

He was a Bombing and Gunnery instructor in the 2nd World War, stationed mainly in bases across Canada.



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