Brock Family History
From the notes of
Phyllis Eleanor Fricker
(nee Brock)

Percy Kenneth Brock

Valparaiso, Indiana

Cadillac, Grand Rapids &
the Stock Market Crash

Percy Kenneth

My Mother's Father

"I never called him Father. I always called him Daddy. He was born in Port Dover, Ontario."

 My Mother, Phyllis Eleanor Brock


"She was a very attractive woman with olive complexion, long black hair and beautiful white teeth and brown eyes.

She set a beautiful dining-room table with snowy white linen cloth and napkins monogrammed by hand - crystal goblets  and Old Colony designed silverware."

Mabel Brock nee 
        House-cameoMy Mother's Stepmother

Mabel Evelyn House

Family jokes
Mabel passes
My Father William Fricker


Farm Life

The well-equiped kitchen

An old-fashioned wash day

Goose feather beds

"I 'ope he don't bust!"

In the good old Summertime

A daring escape

Black Diphtheria

Frank Faulkner

Mary Faulkner
My Mother's Paternal Grandmother

Grandma was an avid quilter. Sometimes she would have a quilting bee at her home
Aunt Clara & Uncle Bill

Aunt Hilda


I will always be a member of the Bloody Pirates' Club

Percy Kenneth Brock | Valparaiso, Indiana | Cadillac, Grand Rapids & the Stock Market Crash | 
Mabel Evelyn House
 | Family jokes | Mabel passes | Mary Faulkner | Farm Life | 
The well-equiped kitchen
 | An old-fashioned wash day | Goose feather beds | "I 'ope he don't bust!" | 
In the good old Summertime
 | A daring escape | Black Diphtheria | Frank Faulkner | 
Aunt Clara & Uncle Bill
 | Aunt Hilda | My Father William Fricker  | Further Notes

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